Massardo is an accomplished editor, writer and fashion stylist based in Toronto who has been working in fashion since 2009. STARTING His CAREER IN FASHION STYLING and writing, his work has appeared in major publications such as Italian Vogue, Z!NK, Idol, Supplementaire, Papercut, and Dolce Vita. He is the former Editor-in-Chief and publisher of PRESS the fashion magazine; where in his four year tenure he oversaw all editorial projects, art direction, production and distribution. His first book (The funny, horrible and (possibly) true stories of #setlife) was published in 2015. The book was a #1 Bestseller in Fashion on, a #1 Bestseller in Pop Culture on Amazon Japan, a top 20 in non-fiction on KOBO, while also appearing in the top 10 on for Pop Culture, Humour & Entertainment and more! All of this and Massardo has also been a contributing panelist and/or segment host for CBC Radio, CTV, Rogers Television and more. Currently Massardo is the Director of Development for AMTI Toronto, the Editor-at-Large for Krowd Magazine and the Editor for The Wonderlust, while still collaborating on select projects.